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a perfect scented candle

Making the perfect scented candle with 100% soy wax isn't as simple as you might think. We’ve spent countless hours testing different fragrances, assorted wicks and a range of fragrance load percentages to make sure our candles burn well. Loading the soy wax with just the right blend and percentage of organic essential oils and phthalate-free fragrance oils ensures everything works together to produce a perfect hot and cold scent throw. You’ll find many brands simply guess their ratios. We've made it a science!

Unlike many big candle manufacturers and supermarkets who use harmful paraffin wax that's often over-scented with cheap fragrance oil and haphazardly mixed to keep costs low, we’ve relentlessly tested multiple combinations to reach the perfect mixture. We also make sure you can smell our candles throughout the whole of their burn. You’ll find many unscrupulous candlemakers only scent the top half of a candle to save money!

We are candle lovers at heart, and we started making our own scented candles after finding it so difficult to buy ones that we felt were safe to burn with a child in the house, smelled nice and were affordable.

We love our scented candles and we burn them every day in our home (we’re lucky to have so many available to us). We've always been determined to use only the best natural ingredients and to make products we are proud of. We've taken our time sourcing materials to create products that are stylish, affordable and can be enjoyed safely by everyone.

We think we've mastered the perfect scented candle. What do you think?


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