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eco-friendly packaging for scented candles

Since starting Alight Candle Company, we have proactively avoided using plastic packaging. From paper tape to shredded tea bag paper, we are always looking for creative, attractive and environmentally friendly packaging solutions.

We know ourselves just how frustrating it can be to receive items in a box filled with polystyrene or bubble wrap when there are so many planet-friendly alternatives available, so we do everything we possibly can to operate responsibly and keep the environment in mind.

We are committed to using eco-friendly packaging with recyclable material for our products, and that’s why all of our candles, our melts, and gift sets are sold in boxes made from recyclable card, and any tissue paper inside the boxes is made from recycled materials and is compostable.

When we post our products for online orders we use recycled cardboard boxes and paper parcel tape, and inside the boxes we use recycled brown paper or shredded tea bag paper instead of bubble wrap to prevent breakages.

It will always be important to us to be as eco-friendly as possible and to operate responsibly with the environment in mind, and we will continue to look for more and more ways that we can do our bit!


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