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Forest Path


At Alight Candle Company we fully support conscious buying, and try our absolute best to ensure our products and business practices have as little environmental impact as possible and are ethically sound. 

We use natural soy wax (with no added palm oil) to make our candles and melts instead of other alternatives like paraffin wax. We do this because, unlike paraffin which derives from crude oil, soy is a bean (soybean) that is grown sustainably and replanted after harvest, meaning it is a renewable resource. We only use soy that is sourced from the European Union where there are strict rules for the use of pesticides; no genetically modified seeds are permitted for soybeans and there is compliance with EU-wide and international regulations on labour and human rights.

It’s very important to us that our candles and wax melts are accessible to everyone, so we make sure that all our products are completely vegan-friendly and cruelty-free, and also free from harmful phthalates and parabens. No dyes or bleaches are added to the wax and our wicks are made from flat braided cotton.

upcycling scented candles

We are committed to using recyclable material, so all of our candles, our melts, and gift sets are sold in boxes made from recyclable card that is sourced from FSC certified forests.  The padding inside the boxes is also made from recycled materials and is compostable.


We know ourselves just how frustrating it can be to receive items in a box covered in non-recyclable tape and filled with polystyrene or bubble wrap when there are so many planet-friendly alternatives available.  We always use recyclable cardboard boxes and paper parcel tape for our online orders, and inside the boxes we use recycled brown paper instead of bubble wrap to prevent breakages.


It will always be important to us to be as eco-friendly as possible and to operate responsibly with the environment in mind, and we will continue to look for more and more ways that we can do our bit!

Inspired by our friends at Ford & Guy, the sustainable and ethical clothing business, we are currently working on producing a directory of other sustainable small businesses we know to bring together a selection of 'Mindful Makers'.

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