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reusing glass candle containers

If you've got some old Alight Candle Company glass candle containers lying around at home and were wondering how you might be able to reuse them, read on! Our quick guide covers everything you need – from cleaning out the old wax to some great ideas for upcycling.

Removing the wax

The first step is to remove all the old wax. Remember, you should always leave about 1cm of wax at the bottom of a glass jar when you burn it to stop the glass from over-heating.

Step 1

Use a dinner knife or spoon to carefully scoop out as much of the wax as you can. Try not to scratch the glass as you do this. (remember – you can always use this scented candle wax as a melt if you have a burner/warmer)

Step 2

Once the majority of the wax is removed, you can then ‘piddle out’ the wick holder too with your knife or spoon. (you can also peel off the label at this point – they’re made of the same material as mineral water bottles so can be put in the recycling bin)

Step 3

Because soy wax like ours has a low melting point, it’s much easier to remove from the container than paraffin wax. Fill up the kettle but turn it off before it gets to the boil.

Step 4

Fill the glass with the hot water and leave it for a minute or so, but be careful as the glass can get very hot (remember – please don’t boil the water)

Step 5

Using oven gloves, tip away the water into the dustbin (don’t put it down the sink as the wax can block the pipe when it solidifies)

Step 6

Wipe the inside with kitchen roll, give it a quick wash in the sink with your usual washing up liquid (or pop it in the dishwasher) and the container will be as good as new!


We know it’s always a terribly sad occasion to have to say goodbye to one of our scented candles, but don’t get too upset – you can always buy another!

The good news is that there are lots of ways you can reuse the glass container. Here’s a list of a few of our favourites:

1. At the risk of sounding obvious, you might want to use the glass for drinking out of. If you have a few they can make a really nice set of tumblers, and every time you take a sip out of one you can feel good that you’re doing your bit for the environment.

2. If you use tealights, you can always pop one in the container. It’ll make a lovely centrepiece.

3. Use the container as a plant pot. It’s become really trendy to have clear plant pots in the home, particularly for little succulents and cacti.

4. Our glass candle containers make great makeup storage. If you’re fed up of losing your brushes or favourite mascara, one of our glasses can come to the rescue.

5. If you’re forever trying to find paper clips or drawing pins, or want to keep your work desk tidy, out old candle containers are a great way to keep your small stationery items organised.

So, there’s a few ideas to begin with, and I’m sure you‘ll be able to think of a lot more creative ways to put your old glass containers to good use. Have fun!

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