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At Alight Candle Company we get asked a lot of questions about scented candles, but one question that seems to come up over and over again is about what makes the perfect scented candle?

To be honest, we can’t really answer that as so much of it is down to individual taste, however, we can offer you some guidance towards finding your perfect scented candle.


To begin with, let’s talk about quality. Your perfect scented candle is not going to be the one you keep in a kitchen drawer in case of a power cut. Nor is it likely to be the one you bought from your local supermarket that looks very posh but doesn’t smell great (or at all!) when you burn it.

The perfect scented candle will burn slowly and last a long time. It won’t crackle away and ruin the ambience of the room, and it won’t billow out smoke that stains the walls (or your lungs), and it will be made from soy wax to ensure it’s as natural and environmentally friendly as possible.

The scent from a perfect scented candle will gently edge across the room rather than hit you in the face and make your eyes water. It will complement the atmosphere of your space rather than overpower it, but it won’t be so weak that you have to keep checking whether it’s gone out!

It’s personal

When it comes down to it, the perfect candle for you is going to be the one that feels right for that moment, to either create a mood or match your existing mood. Do you want to forget about the cold, rainy British weather and be transported to a field of summer flowers? Or maybe you’re feeling nice and relaxed and want to complement this with the scent of a spa (try our Himalayan Cedar and Jasmine scented candles). In the end, the perfect candle will take you to the perfect place, and only you know where that is.

Obviously, we recommend you try every one of our luxury scented candles to discover where they take you and which ones work best for you and your mood. However, you may already have a clear idea of the kind of scent you’re looking for, in which case you can browse the ‘Our Scents’ page and find the one that is just perfect for you.


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