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trimming a scented candle wick

Have you ever bought a brand new scented candle only to watch the glass jar turn black and smoky? Don’t worry, there’s an incredibly easy way to prevent such unsightly smoke stains – simply trim your wick between burns!

This is the most important thing we tell customers. Trimming the wick to 5mm (around 1/4”) between each burn will make your candle burn much cleaner and brighter with less smoky residue, and also make your candle last much longer and continue to fill your room with a lovely fragrance.

Trimming the wick is really easy. You can use a plain old pair of scissors to do it, a pair of nail clippers or if you’re really posh you might want to invest in a wick trimmer (see photo above). Wick trimmers are a modified pair of scissors that not only make trimming the wick easy, but also collect the bit of wick you’ve chopped off! Wick trimmers are really inexpensive and can be purchased on Ebay or Amazon.

Please remember, never trim a wick that's warm/on fire or dispose of any smoking or hot wick debris in waste baskets.

Another top tip for candle burning is to avoid snuffing or blowing out your candle. Doing so will fill your room with the unpleasant smell of smoke, which of course is the very opposite reason for burning a scented candle. The solution for this is to simply dip your lit wick into its melted wax to extinguish the flame, and then draw it back out. We use an old metal nail file for this, but you can use any number of things as long as they’re made of metal. This not only provides a smokeless way to put out the flame, but will also add stability to a brittle wick. Genius!


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