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lavender scented candle

Relaxation is actually everybody’s natural state, but it can be difficult to believe this sometimes with the daily struggle of juggling work commitments, family, friends, obligations and household chores.

It’s really important to just slow down once in a while though, take a few deep breaths and allow your body and mind to relax. Without relaxing, our bodies can overload with stress hormones which cause damage to cells, muscles and organs. Without relaxing, our minds will be in a constant state of fight or flight which can lead to chronic anxiety and other mental health issues.

Lavender is a perennial flowering shrub native to North Africa and the Mediterranean region, with a history dating back to more than 2,500 years ago.

Today, lavender is sold in different forms, but is perhaps best known for its use in aromatherapy, where its rich, mellow floral scent has been shown to calm the nerves, ease anxiety, aid sleep and help with overall relaxation.

Our ‘Calm’ French Lavender scented candle has been created to enhance your moments of relaxation. Simply light it and be bathed in the natural warm flickering light and let the pure, natural essential oil properties soothe you and melt your stress away.


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