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feng shui from scented candles

Feng Shui (pronounced Fung Shwey), a traditional Chinese home decor philosophy, is a practice that's been around for thousands of years and considered to be both an art and a natural science. According to the ancient Chinese principles of Feng Shui, candles can help achieve a state of energetic balance within the home environment. They will invoke the energy of purification into your space and bring the warmth of the Fire element into your living area that's synonymous with good luck, prosperity and improved health.

To Feng Shui your home with scented candles, the best places to burn them are in the centre part of the room, South areas, Southwest areas and Northeast areas, allowing the Chi energy activated by candles to circulate freely. Unlike paraffin candles, natural scented soy candles such those from Alight Candle Company keep the indoors clean and healthy, and are a perfect accessory to decorate any living space.

Burn a scented candle and use the Fire element's energy whenever your own energy is feeling in need of a boost, or if you're feeling cold, lonely, or lacking in creativity. The strong energy of the candle will help bring you back to life and help create a more vibrant energy to flow within your environment.


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