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clean wax melt burner

Wax melts are a lovely way to add fragrance to your living space and are really popular and easy to use, but we’re often asked how to clean the used wax from the dish of a wax burner without making a mess.

There are two traditional ways to remove the used wax - the hot method and the cold method (also known as the liquid method and hard method).

If your burner has been lit and the wax is melted (liquid), you can use a couple of cotton wool balls to absorb the liquid wax and then dispose of them in the kitchen bin. This method is particularly good for burners without a removable dish. Once the cotton wool balls have absorbed the melted wax, you can simply wipe away what is left with some kitchen roll.

If the wax has cooled down and hardened, we recommend you light the wax burner again, but only for long enough to loosen the hard wax, which will then be easy to slide out into the kitchen bin. You can then wipe away what is left with a piece of kitchen roll.

Remember, unlike paraffin wax soy wax is very clean, and any little bits of hard wax left on the dish can be easily dispersed with hot water.


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