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hygge at home

Those of you who keep up to date with the latest home and lifestyle trends will most likely be familiar with the term ‘hygge’. Hailing from Denmark, this difficult-to- pronounce word (‘hoo-gah’ for those still struggling) can’t be translated to one single word, but instead can be described as living well, and when associated with the home, it becomes the art of creating a warm, cosy atmosphere, which is something we all strive for in winter.

Of course, there are a few essential items which are key to creating that hygge feeling, so here are 5 style tips for this winter aimed at helping you achieve hygge in your home.

Get the candles out

If you ask a Dane, they’re sure to tell you that the most important part of creating hygge in the home is to light a candle. Candlelight is the epitome of cosiness.

Light the fire

If you have one light it! Ideally an open fire but if not, the warm glow of a gas or electric fire will do just fine. There’s something innately comforting about curling up by the fire with loved ones.

Warming scents

Scented candles are just perfect for creating a subtle and relaxed ambience, and for helping you find your happy hygge place. Try the warming scent of one of our Himalayan Cedar & Jasmine or Sandalwood & Myrrh scented candles to keep you feeling super cosy throughout the winter months.

Throw blankets

Whether a weighted blanket or heated throw, having something soft and snuggly to wrap around yourself is a must. Cover yourself head to toe with your favourite blanket, rest your head on a soft comfy cushion, and forget all about the worries of the day

Back to nature

Taking pleasure from simple beauty is an essential part of hygge, and what could be more beautiful than nature? Decorating your home with indoor plants, natural ornaments and wooden furniture and flooring, will allow you to remain present, in the moment, and to appreciate the warmth and cosiness of being indoors with the ones you love.

Remember, experiencing a sense of presence and belonging is pretty challenging when we're feeling stressed, so creating a sanctuary at home with an atmosphere of comfort and cosiness will ultimately make us all feel more at home with ourselves and with those around us.


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